08 December 2010

BIR sets revamp

Source: www.mb.com.ph

MANILA, Philippines – The much-awaited major personnel changes at the Bureau of Internal Revenue will happen on Jan. 3 to coincide with the launching of the 2011 collection drive to raise P930 billion, BIR Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares said Wednesday.

“There will be minor movement for 19 revenue regional directors, but a major one on the level of revenue district officers (RDO),” BIR Commissioner Kim Henares said.

Statistics showed that half of the more than 120 RDOs failed to hit their individual collection targets, thus they will be likely relegated to less important posts during the reorganization.

Ms. Henares said the revamp will be based solely on performance and integrity.

She said those who performed will be transferred to big revenue districts in Metro Manila and other key cities and towns.

She believed that if taxmen will put their hearts and minds on their jobs the agency can easily hit its annual collection target.

The BIR chief agreed with the observation of her predecessor Efren Plana that the BIR is peopled with the best and brightest in the government service. (Jun Ramirez)

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